The Best Clash Royale Bot

RoyalBot allows you to open chests non stop to allow you to simply combine a bunch of cards and win battles when you have the time. Completely runs in the background to not disrupt your regular computer use!

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Amazing Features

RoyalBot Allows You to Have a Life and Not Fall Behind Your Friends!


Maximize your Free and Crown Chests by opening them immediately as they become available. Never sleep through loot again.


Want to simply unlock chests or open them and even attack? No problem! RoyalBot has you covered because we're the best Clash Royale Bot!


RoyalBot gets updated very frequently as we work on adding more features non-stop. We simply deliver a bot you never have to think about - it just works.

About Us

Meet RoyalBot

BrokenBot - Coc Bot - The Beginning

When all the other bots started charging for what should be standard features, Broken decided to revolutionize the industry and bring BrokenBot to life to share it with the world.

Nine months and nearly 200,000 users later, now closed source and written in C# and C++, BrokenBot continues to dominate the competition with advanced algorithms and precision.

RoyalBot and BrokenBot currently have just 3 developers. With nearly 60yrs of combined development experience ranging from hardcore Assembly to Server Management and Scripting.

Working on a revolutionary road-map is never simple but we have stayed focused and true to the vision.

Thank you to all our moderators for your hard work and allowing us to continue working on this amazing project.